Our Mission is to Help our Clients Win New Business.

We will help your business development teams use a proven capture process, face-to-face selling skills, and a unique knowledge-based software system to increase win rate, and provide the reports that management needs to effectively run the business.

Implementing a proven capture process and is the key to productivity improvement and a significant increase in revenue. Sales Force Systems will help your BD teams improve their face-to-face selling effectiveness, and increase their chance to win the Award.


The Challenge

Winning government business in a cost sensitive very competitive and complex environment. Your mission is to surpass your financial goals and win more business than your competition.

The Solution

Highly effective business development people that understand their customer’s business needs, can identify and influence the customer’s decision-making process, and can clearly communicate a unique business value that will differentiate your company from the competition.

Differentiating yourself from the competition is a difficult task. Implementing an effective BD process and discipline is the key to success, and will help improve your team's chance to win new business.