Government & Publics Sector Sales

Impact is designed for companies engaged in complex selling situations. Examples include large agency contracts and programs that take time and understanding to win. A typical Impact user is mobile and not tied to one location. Most Impact users operate in a team environment, collobrate and exchange customer information through the web.


Impact software is based on Microsoft technology and is integrated with the Microsoft Office suite of products. Impact functions as a front end opportunity mangement system for the leading contact management and CRM systems.


Impact: Executive-level Reporting and Knowledge Based Selling System

Impact is an opportunity management system designed for Business Development and Capture Managers. It guides them through a proven “best practices” process and methodology that is disciplined, repeatable and measurable. Impact is easy to use, has minimal data input, and is focuses on helping business development teams win business. Impact WEB, the business activity monitoring portal captures Business Development information and analytics, consolidates it and provides "real-time" management reports and an accurate forecast.

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